To have a foothold in China and to face the World
China has become the largest manufacturing center in the world, therefore comprehensive transportation and warehouse storage services are urgently needed. We currently have established branches in China, and expanded our business into the Inland China with an aim to build an extensive service network.

To become one of the largest sea and air freight transportation companies in China
We currently have an extensive agent network and good relationship with international shipping companies. By using our wealth of experience, professional knowledge and dedicated attitude, we are poised to become the market leader.

To provide the best quality services
With a team of specialists in shipping and transportation, and advanced information technology systems, we provide our customers with the most comprehensive and hassle-free transportation services.

To keep abreast of logistic tends
We have established our advanced information technology department, which will carry out research and development. We have set up a global solutions service platform and global tracking system to trace cargo status. Our customers can now use this system to obtain real-time information on the status of their cargo anytime through the Internet. We have compact cooperation with our customers by enhancing interactive communication.